segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2013

Video: Joanatan Richard - Let's Rock (With Special Guests)

Watch until the end there's various images like a old movie introduction!

This tune is part of my brand new CD "Rockin' This Crazy World"

Produced by Joanatan Richard & Netto Rockfeller

Recorded by Netto Rockfeller and Bruno Marques at Papagaio Records Studio in
São Carlos (SP) - Brazil

Mixed by Heverton Fagner and Joanatan Richard at HF Studio in Caruaru (PE) - Brazil

Mastered by Axel Praefke at Lightning Recorders Berlin - Germany

Joanatan Richard: Guitar
Johnny Crash: Guitar
Daniel Diniz: Guitar
Mariel Coxa: Bass
Danilo Hansem: Drums
Juninho "Sample" Vaneirão: Piano
Romualdo Costa: Alto Saxophone

Composed by Joanatan Richard 

All rights are reserved / Copyright Ipojuke Records